The AWHNA Inc was formed in 1988 as a not for profit organization to provide national professional leadership and support for Women’s Health Nurses. Our Association has a broad based membership and is Affiliated with the College of Nursing. Womens Health Nurses work primarily in Community Health, mostly in Rural and Remote Areas and have adopted a Primary Health Care model of care approach.

The AWHNA Inc provides support from peers, monitors standards, manages changes, conducts an Annual Professional Update, has bi-monthly meetings, has produced a Poster and through its Editorial team produces a Newsletter the Especulator for all members. The Association has also produced Clinical Practice Guidelines, a Professional Portfolio for CPD hours and has recently completed a Training module to be used in succession planning and as an Annual Appraisal for all Women’s Health Nurses called the Advanced Practice Standards, Endorsed by the RCNA.

The AWHNA has approximately 65-70 financial members and 10 associate members.




Annette Heather, President
Helen Wilmore, Vice President

President phone: 02 4223 8596 (w)
Vice President phone:
02 9382 8321