Flight Nurses Australia was established in 1994 to support men and women working in aviation/transport settings in the Australian region.

The objectives of Flight Nurses Australia are to:

  • Provide a unified voice for flight nurses in the Australian region, promoting their general welfare, educational standards, professional interests and to uphold the status of flight nursing as a professional nursing speciality;
  • Uphold the role of the flight nurses as a valuable member of any aeromedical crew;
  • Facilitate and promote flight nursing knowledge through continuing education by way of newsletters and seminars;
  • Maintain a forum for communication and co-operation amongst flight nurses and other medical and non-medical personnel;
  • Develop national standards for nursing practice for flight nurses in the Australian region and to promote the delivery of quality care to our patients in the aviation/transiport environment;
  • Promote research that relates to the impact of health delivery in the aviation/transport environment;
  • Act as an adivsory body for aeromedical information relating to nursing practice in the aviation/transport environment.

We have 65 members based in all Australian states and territories, except Tasmania.


Margaret Tabone, Treasurer

Brigid McCarthy, Secretary

Flight Nurses Australia Inc
PO Box 346
Rockdale  NSW  2216
07 3860 1142
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Website: www.flightnursesaustralia.com.au