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The College of Emergency Nursing Australasia represents emergency nurses. We represent all professional interests of emergency nurses in Australasia to foster excellence in all aspects of practice.  CENA has members based in every state and territory in Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea as well as some international members.

The purpose of CENA is to foster excellence in emergency nursing practice.

The objects of CENA's constitution are: To define and maintain the standards of emergency nursing practice. To initiate and support relevant nursing research and evidence based practice. To define and maintain the education and specialised skills of emergency nurses. To communicate with educational, scientific and professional bodies (local, national or international) which are involved in or associated with emergency healthcare or associated disciplines. To provide the nursing perspective on emergency healthcare issues. To publish educational materials, newsletters, journals and other writings in respect of emergency nursing. To foster collegiality among emergency nurses. To establish and maintain a national membership of emergency nurses. To support and promote the activities of the State Branches. To engage in any other activity and do all such other acts in accordance with the laws of Australia and this Constitution as may be incidental or conducive to the promotion or carrying into effect of the objectives of the College. To provide leadership, representation and support for emergency nurses to promote optimum practice and challenge existing boundaries. To promote equity of access for members to the College's services and forums.


Associate Professor Julia Morphet

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