australian-college-of-nurse-practitionersACNP represents nurse practitioners and those with an interest in the development of the nurse practitioner role in Australia.
Membership is open to all individuals, groups and organisations with an interest and/or involvement in the provision of nurse practitioner services and care. We have about 200 members based in all states and territories of Australia and some members from New Zealand.
To support nurse practitioners and those aspiring to be nurse practitioners in Australia and to provide a voice for nurse practitioners in the discourse surrounding development of the role in Australia.
To develop the professional profile of nurse practitioners as a unified body with an established standard of practice/scope of practice. To provide peer support for nurse practitioners working in geographical isolation, rural settings and in metropolitan centres. To provide support and information for nurses working towards nurse practitioners authorisation/ endorsement/ certification. To provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information for nurses working at or working towards nurse practitioner level. To increase the level of awareness in the health care arena and to the general public of the role of nurse practitioner. To act as a consultant to other health and welfare workers to improve the provision of health care to the general community. To monitor and make recommendations regarding the ongoing developments of nurse practitioners, policy and positions. To support relevant nursing research and evidence based practice. To provide leadership, representation and support for nurse practitioners to promote optimum practice and challenge existing boundaries.


PO Box 637
North Sydney  NSW  2059

Leanne Boase, President