australian-association-of-maternal-child-family-health-nursesThe Maternal Child and Family Health Nurses of Australia represents registered nurses and educators working in the field of maternal, child and family health. The titles vary from state to state according to state programs. Victoria - maternal and child health nurses; NSW, SA, NT, TAS - child and family health nurses; WA - community health nurses; QLD - child health nurses. They have members in each state and the Northern territory.
Provide a forum at national level for its members, and act as a consultative body on matters relating to maternal, child and family health. Promote the clinical specialty of maternal, child and family health nursing including encouraging nursing research. Represent the member organisations at a national level. Facilitate cooperation between professional member associations in each state and territory. Provide a forum for discussion of national health policy and its impact on maternal, child and family health at the national level. Work in consultation with state groups to promote initiatives which have a national importance in maternal, child and family health nursing. Act as an advocate on behalf of members, and work in consultation with member associations. Promote a primary health care model in maternal, child and family health nursing and to raise awareness of primary health care services to children and families in the community.


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