The Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Nursing (ANZSVN) was formed in 2007 and represents vascular nurses from a variety of work settings based in all states and territories in Australia, and in New Zealand.

The ANZSVN is a professional nursing organisation dedicated to promoting excellence in the nursing care of individuals with vascular disease by providing quality education, fostering clinical expertise, supporting nursing research and contributing to the prevention of vascular disease.

The objectives of the ANZSVN are to:

  • Represent Australian and New Zealand Vascular Nurses as a professional body and assume a leadership role in the advancement and promotion of the specialty of vascular nursing.
  • Promote an Australian and New Zealand network of vascular nurses through a website, newsletters, conferences and the facilitation of regional groups
  • Liase and collaborate with national and international professional bodies and individuals who share concern and interest for people with vascular disease
  • Enhance public awareness of vascular disease and encourage members to be active within the field of vascular health education and health promotion
  • Assume the leadership role in defining and advancing the evidenced-based education of nurses involved in the care of patients with vascular disease
  • Facilitate and encourage vascular nursing research

The ANZSVN is an incorporated body administered by a national committee with representatives from each state.